How Mobile-Friendly Websites compare with Desktop Sites

How Mobile-Friendly Websites  compare with Desktop Sites

There are a number of simple reasons why a standard website will not display well on a mobile device. The most common one is the size.

Web pages are generally designed to be viewed at a screen resolution of 1024×768, but most mobile devices like smart phones have screens that are around 320×480 pixels.

This makes viewing a standard website on a mobile device extremely difficult in most cases. While some mobile devices are finding ways to work around this problem, most traditional websites still do not function well on mobile devices.

In fact, navigating a standard webpage can be a real problem because mobile devices do not have mouse style pointers, which makes it difficult to click on tabs and links.

The smaller memory size of mobile devices means that active elements of a page, such as java script, will not display well, if at all, on a mobile device.

Again, the manufacturers of these devices are working on improving their performance in these areas. But in the meantime, the pages take a very long time to load and create bad user-experiences for your mobile viewers.

In order to create a pleasant viewing experience for mobile users, it is vital to take these factors into account when planning out the design and content for your mobile website.

Make sure that your mobile site prominently displays your important information and that the pages still look professionally attractive to your visitors.

The general formatting on your mobile pages should be vertical so that it is easy to just scroll down to the necessary information. The navigation bar is best placed at the bottom of the page to make it easy to operate on older style phones.

The speed at which a mobile site loads is really important to its success. Therefore, it is best to remove many of the larger active elements from the mobile version of your website.

This will keep the downloadable file size to a minimum and ensure that your mobile pages load quickly. This way, you won’t lose the visitor while he or she is waiting for the page to fully display.

Another important strategy for attracting mobile traffic to your website is to make sure your site is indexed in the mobile search engines.  The major search engines are now determining which results to display based upon the source device of the query.

This means that search engines like Google Mobile and Jumptap will find and list pages that will display well on a mobile device at the top of the search engine results. Obviously, those pages will receive a greater percentage of the mobile traffic.

The search engines will examine the size of the page, the length of the keywords, the location of the user, and any other mobile-specific content to determine which mobile websites will best fit the users’ needs.

Clearly, if you are a local business, you want your site to be high in the mobile search engine results so you can get more actual foot traffic coming through your doors.

Because many businesses will not make the extra effort to design a web page specifically for their mobile customers, they stand to miss out on a lot of potential revenue.

Their online content will be difficult to view on mobile devices and the poor mobile viewer experiences will cost them the very customers that they should be targeting.

Many will try cheaper tricks like compressing their pages, which may work on some devices, but not all. Furthermore, this is only a stopgap solution at best.

The perceived cost of redesigning their entire site will stop many businesses from catering to their mobile customers when it is really a simple, affordable, and profitable task.


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