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MobiWebsite 4u  Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How can you help me to mobilize my business?

A. We’ll start by building you a new “standalone” mobile optimized website which will enable smartphone users to access your content in a fast and convenient manner – within a few days you’ll have an entirely new customer base seeking out your products or services.

Q: Do l need a regular desktop site to use your services?
A:  No, We will supply you with a working website, but for your clients peace of mind ,we do advise you redirect them to Full website , where you can more easily instruct them about your business.

If you require a full site from scratch ,please use our Bespoke Mobi Websites these are both Full Websites and Mobile sites in one,with Video ,and Newsletters .

Q. Will my mobile website replace my existing website?

A.  No, your main website will continue to operate as usual, however when users try to access your existing website on their smartphones, they will be automatically redirected to your new mobile site, seamlessly

Q. Why not mobilize my existing website?

A. Although this approach is also feasible it is far from ideal as traditional websites don’t translate well to the smaller screen area and load far to slowly. Mobile websites are purpose built to be fast loading and easy to navigate.

Q: Are their any design limitations?
A: At this time we do not support any e-commerce.
membership sites. Additionally,we do not advise flash websites as these are not supported ,by most Mobile Phone  Company’s.

Q: Do you support all smart phone devices?
A: All our Mobile websites  will work properly
on all major smartphones that have a browser including
iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

Q.Will my mobile site be listed in the search engines?

A. Yes, the major search engines have mobile specific listings to present to mobile searchers enabling you to reach far more prospects, especially locally. Potentially your business will be listed in both search types.

Q. Are mobile websites expensive?

A.In general mobile websites cost far less than traditional websites, by virtue of their “lightweight” design. Only features and content that are applicable to your mobile users are included in your mobile website design, making them fast to load, easy to navigate with a definitive call to action and cost around $300 – $1000+

Q: What happens after  I sign up?
A: A  Mobiwebsite4u design professional will contact you
at the number or email address you specified  on your sign-up form for an initial
consultation about your mobile website.

Q: How long will it take for me to get my site up and running
A: On average, your mobile website can take from a few days to a few weeks , depending on the amount of design work required.

Q: What happens if l update my regular website?
Will the mobile version change as well?
A: Your own Website is totally separate from your Mobile site , unless you have asked for a responsive site.

Q.Why can’t I just use an online mobile website builder?

A. Again this is feasible but for something as important as this we would highly recommend that you leave it to specialists like ourselves. We can handle any requirements and are always on hand to provide help and assistance for future upgrades.

Q: How will mobile phone users reach the mobile version of
my website?
A: Once your mobile website design is complete, your Mobiwebsite4u certifed professional will set up the “redirect”, so that people
who browse your website on their phone will be redirected to your mobile website.  Unless of course you have requested a standalone site .

Q: Do l need to purchase a new domain name for my mobile website?
A: No, your mobile website can be installed on a subdomain of
your existing website, e.g. ‘m.yourwebsite.com. or if your hosting with us ,in a seperate folder

Q. Do your Mobi sites have  Analytics?

A. We can supply custom analytics tools for site owners to track how much traffic is coming to their site. Site owners also have the option to add Google Analytics to their site.

Q: Can l cancel my custom mobile website if  l don’t like it ?
A: Yes  – Once your Mobiwebsite 4u design professional begins work on
your mobile website, you can cancel your order at anytime . However.
we will do everything possible to make sure you are satisfied
with the look and feel of your mobile site. You will have a full 30 days to try out your site ,and a full refund if your not 100% happy.

If you have a monthly website scheme then you just cancel with paypal ,no more to pay.

If you have a Social Mobi Page , you can leave at any time , but your hosting ceases from that day.

Q. I already own a domain name, can I use it for my mobile site?

A. Yes, you can use an existing domain. Make sure that the DNS of the domain you want to use for your mobile site is updated. You need to set up a CName record on the domain you want to use for your mobile site.

Q: Can I ask for Changes to my site ?

A: As Long as your still within the time period of your site

ie, Addon Mobi sites – Hosted by us ,usually we will make minor changes on a monthly basis .

We will always try to help when we can.

Q: Do you Outsource the Designs of your websites.

A:  All our work is done In-House,the only outsourcing we use is  SMS ,

as these are dealt with Phone companys.

Our Basic sites are Templates , this reduces the cost ,and makes them easier to manage .

We can Build One off  Bespoke  HTML5 or WordPress CMS Sites ,again these are created in-house , but are far more time consuming

and of course costly to prepare.If you wish to have one created please  Contact Us

Q: Who do l contact if my mobile site isn’t functioning properly?
A: We offer great phone and email support via our Help Desk . lf you have any
problems just reach out and we will get it taken care of
immediately. Please  Use our Help Desk

Q: l want to make sure l like my mobile website design. How many design changes  can l get‘?
A: Your mobile website design is based on your existing
website design. lf you are happy with your website design you
will be more than happy with the mobile website design! To
ensure you get what you want we will provide up to two design
changes in the first month.

Q: Does the design fee include graphic design work?

A: We  offer custom graphic design work,for the Superior,Bespoke and Social  Mobi Websites .

Free and Premium must be supplied or we can use a limited gallery of stock images .

If you have your own lmages we can use these.

Q: Does my site include all the premium features of a premium  site‘?
A: This depends on what type of plan you have ,the basic obviously doesn’t have everything that the

other plans have,so you need to choose which one will best serves your business best.